5 Things you should consider for waste removal in your basement

There comes a time when clearing out the basement is a necessary task that one has to undertake.

Below are 5 things you need to consider for waste removal in your basement;

  1. The right tools – Ensure you have the right tools and materials necessary to remove any waste from your basement. Have sturdy gloves, a face mask if the basement is damp, brushes, cloths, mop, water and soap nearby for cleaning purposes. Ensure you have sufficient and wide storage boxes to carry out any waste from the basement.
  2. Planning and organizing – You may want to categorize all the items in the basement for proper cleaning and storage. Group the items that serve a similar purpose in the same box. Go through all the items, eliminating what may not be of use. Label storage boxes well and close them. Clearly label the boxes you will use to dispose waste. A company like Vonvil Junk Ltd. can help you in rubbish removal London.
  3. Cleaning – Ensure the basement is thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. Use hot soapy water and a brush to scrub any mold that may have collected over time. The hot water eliminates and kills any mold and helps prevent new mold from recurring. Change any light bulbs and clean the windows if any. Clearing out and cleaning the basement will ensure the basement is tidy and prevent the build up of waste over time.
  4. Share with the family/house holders– Now that the basement is neat and orderly; ensure all family members are aware of this development. Any items that need to be stored need to be placed in their correct storage area and containers to ensure order is maintained.
  1. Disposal – Once all waste has been removed from the basement, it is important to dispose of it correctly. Keep in mind waste collection dates and times to ensure prompt collection of the waste.


These 5 tips will come in handy when you undertake the role of removing waste from your basement.

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